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Need a table for a Council or Public Park?

Keeping your community happy and healthy is one of the biggest challenges that face modern councils today. While taxes, road improvements and bin collections - often the bane of the old establishment - have been handled through years of experience, there’s a fresh impetus behind providing social and leisure opportunities for local residents across your region.

Better social activities can boost community spirit, create long-lasting friendships and improve health and welfare and since table tennis is a sport accessible to all, an outdoor table in your public parks can really benefit everyone in the community from rich to poor, young to old, disabled to able-bodied.

At Cornilleau we produce each of our outdoor table tennis tables to the same high specification that means you’ll receive a high-quality, long-lasting product. Our innovative ‘laminate’ concept for outdoor tables make our products the most durable outdoor table tennis tables on the market, while our patented ‘Compact Technology’ gives you the latest developments from the combination of ergonomics, safety and design.

For over 40 years we’ve been at the height of industry practice, designing and developing an impressive range of outdoor table tennis tables that can be placed in a wide variety of public locations from open parks to children’s playgrounds. Our outdoor tables are backed by an excellent warranty with ten years cover for most of our outdoor tops meaning you know that your decision will leave a positive long-lasting legacy on your local community.

At Cornilleau we pride ourselves on the safety features of our outdoor tables with our state-of-the-art production methods and thorough quality control processes resulting in the high quality nature of our products, which are safe for the whole community to use, with or without supervision.

The Pro Park Outdoor table, ideal for the council looking to equip it’s residents with the most durable and safe outdoor table tennis tables, is produced using high-strength materials to display robustness under the pressure of sudden shocks, wild weather or vagrant vandals. This table is perfect for any outside location and it’s aesthetic beauty will add to the ambience of any park, playground or campsite.

If your constricted by your cash-flow then you can still experience the latest in table designs from one of our alternative outdoor table tennis designs. Our range of tables has all of the features you need to make the most of your park and spaces without having to worry about the upkeep. The Pro 510 tables, highlighted by the beauty of their curved legs, are designed to be fixed into the ground using adjustable screw fittings, while the secure net means that all you have to do is bring and bat and a ball to the table to begin your experience.

We guarantee you won’t find a better range of proven outdoor table tennis tables on the market with hundreds of our tables already deployed in public spaces across the globe. Choose Cornilleau today and start reaping the benefits from a happier and healthier community.

Table Tennis Tables and Equipment we recommend for Councils and Public Parks

This one is straight forward......

The Cornilleau Pro Park Outdoor table is perfect for any council, who is looking to buy a table tennis table for their local community. We can't rave enough about this table and once you make the comparison to any concrete or steel table tennis table, you will see why the Pro Park Outdoor is the only table to consider.