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How do you choose your Table Tennis Bat?

updated at: Thu 05 Aug 2021

The right blend of control, speed, and grip, are important factors to consider when choosing the right Table Tennis Bat for you. Depending on your level, it is important to choose the best bat fit for you in order to enjoy the game to fullest. You should also consider whether you are looking for a bat for outdoor use or indoor use. Outdoor bats are completely weatherproof and compliment an outdoor table, while traditional wooden bats are suitable for indoor play - well away from moisture and the weather.

Outdoor Table Tennis Bat Qualities

- Weather-resistant (Softbat and Nexeo)
- Resistant (Shock, UV, Water, Not detachable)
- Equal performance to wooden bats
- Can stay outdoors all year long
- Perfectly suited for families, children, and schools because of their durability

Cornilleau Nexeo Outdoor Bats

Based on their experience with outdoor equipment, Cornilleau's engineers have developed a patented 'four-material durable' paddle. This outdoor paddle raises the bar with its extra light feel and its outdoor weather-resistant and ultra-durable ‘shock-resistant’ features.

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Indoor Table Tennis Bat Qualities

- Cornilleau’s rubbers are highly rated thanks to high levels of grip and elasticity. You can achieve excellent performance with indoor bat rubbers.
- Its foam thickness will provide every player with optimized speed.
- The Blade thickness, number of ply, and choice of wood are additional strong qualities.
- Indoor bats are not weatherproof but offer optimum performance for indoor and competition play.

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