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Need a Table Tennis Table for a Club?

When it comes to playing your best table tennis, compromise is not an option.

Thinking or playing passively can cost you those crucial points in a match, so why should your attitude towards buying a table be any different? Here at Cornilleau we have the highest quality ITTF approved wheelchair friendly Indoor Table Tennis Tables to use in your competitions to ensure there is no compromise in your performance.

For over 40 years we’ve designed, developed and produced a wide range of quality, long-lasting indoor tables using our state-of-the-art production methods with high-tech materials such as anti-corrosive galvanised steel to ensure you receive the best performance for years to come.

All of the research and development that we’ve been conducting since 1969 has led to the creation of our latest range of ITTF approved Ping Pong Tables, fit for the highest level of performance, allowing you to bring your true game to the table.

In sport, like in most aspects of life, what you pay is what you get, and when you decide to purchase one of our top-of-the-range competition tables, you’re guaranteed the same high quality playing experience that has seen these tables used in some of the best leagues around Europe.

Out of your budget? Don’t worry, Cornilleau’s range of means you have a choice no matter how much you’re ready to spend on taking your game or Club to the next level.

All of our products are made to the same high specification to ensure you benefit from all of the features our range has to offer, including the patented DSI safety system which gives our tables the highest level of safety on the market.

At Cornilleau we’re not just satisfied with producing the highest quality tables or even the safest table, but we’re so assured of our performance that each of our tables are backed by an excellent warranty with three years cover.

If you’re starting your route to elite competition you may also be interested in our range Blades and Rubbers that offer you the maximum return for each of your strokes, combining power and precision when launching your attack.

Whatever your passion for competition, don’t let your equipment hold you back. Chose from Cornilleau’s high-calibre range of club and tournament products and never compromise again.

Table Tennis Equipment we recommend for use in Clubs and Tournaments

All below tables are ITTF approved an wheelchair friendly.