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Need a Table Tennis Table for Special Event?

Looking to add that ‘wow’ factor to your event? Nothing gets people together like Table Tennis at a party. Buy one for your company and see strangers become friends in a instant with the magical bond that is social Ping Pong.

In the last few years social table tennis has exploded into the forefront of the leisure scene with tables popping up in bars, clubs, businesses and social enterprises across the world. It’s not uncommon to bump into two people playing on the street or even having a knock while at work!

Table tennis tables can now be found in some of the biggest company headquarters across the world; Google, AOL, Dreamhost, Traction Marketing Group and Innocent Smoothies are just a few of the ever-increasing list of those who have brought into the ping pong revolution.

If you consider your company to be an industry leader, or think your employees deserve an active social switch-off, deciding to buy one of our high performance indoor table tennis tables could be the thing for you.

For over 40 years we’ve been at the cutting edge of designing and developing high-quality tables using state-of-the-art production methods and thorough quality control processes to deliver the best performing and most durable Ping Pong Tables available on the market.

Our innovative designs not only please aesthetically but deliver time after time thanks to our use of high-quality materials, including our patented ‘Compact Technology’ that combines ergonomics, safety and design to ensure that you and your employees get the most out of every trip to the table.

No matter your budget, there’s an option for everyone with our wide range of high quality indoor table tennis tables accounting for all tastes whether you’re a shrewd spender or an hearty high-roller. You can decide whether you want to chose from one of our foldaway tables, with patented DSI safety system ensuring the highest level of safety on the market, or for one of our permanent tables with the thicker top giving you the purest bounce and most durable performance.

If you’ve got an eye on brand identity then why not promote your organisation through your own branded table to use at work or on location? You can arrange your own corporate events with tables branded with your logos and messages to grab the attention of your partners and stakeholders and present your company in a whole new light.

With the purchase of one of our tables you might also like to check out our range of bats and balls that cater for a range of abilities from beginners to experts so that you can get your members playing with a bat that they can call their own.

Table Tennis Tables & Equipment we recommend for Businesses & Corporate Events

There is no doubt that we have the table for you, so why don't you contact us, so we can help you choose exactly the Table Tennis Table required for your needs.