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Need a Table Tennis Table for the Hospitality Industry?

If you’re in the hospitality market, you know how important it is to keep your customers happy. Whether you’re a Pub, Hotel, Resort or Caravan Park, catering for your clients is the no. 1 priority to ensure they enjoy every minute of their time.

If customers are happy then not only does it boost revenue during their stay, but also improves the likelihood of repeat business. However, running around after each of your guests can be a real hassle, so how do you keep everyone on board? Well, with the installation of a Table Tennis Table, you’ll quickly realise how simple ‘fun’ can be when you’ve got a bat and a ball in your hands.

Table tennis is a sport rapidly growing in popularity with tables popping up everywhere from executive offices to trendy Pubs and Clubs and you can benefit from the rise in social Ping Pong by improving your venue with one of our high quality Indoor or Outdoor tables.

Here at Cornilleau we’ve been designing and developing Table Tennis Tables since 1969 and we’re constantly testing and trialling new methods and materials to ensure you benefit from the very latest in production techniques and long-lasting table frames and surfaces.

If you’re a pub or a hotel owner you can put a spring in everyone’s step by introducing a new Ping Pong Table. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, set up challenges or provide some free entertainment should the weather turn foul, one of our safe tables could be the one for you.

Our portable models mean space won’t be an issue as they can be folded up and rolled away when not in use, while safety is one of our strongest features with our patented DSI safety system, created with ergonomics in mind, giving our tables the highest level of safety on the market.

Looking to utilise your resort’s space outdoors? You won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve got that covered as well as our range of durable outdoor tables will give you the peace of mind to let your customers play day after day with our products built to last through years of experience.

We’ve been the world leader in creating innovative designs for our tables and our range of outdoor tables benefit from our patented ‘laminate’ concept meaning neither rain, wind, earth nor fire will be able to penetrate our top of the range models. We also guarantee the longevity of our outdoor tables with the backing of an excellent warranty of ten years cover for most of the outdoor tops.

If you decide to adorn your venue with a brand new table, you may also like to check out our range of bats and balls that cater for all abilities from the novices to the experts among you with our outdoor bats specially designed to provide a long-lasting legacy for your table tennis experience.

Table Tennis Tables and Equipment we recommend for the Hospitality Industry

We always recommend an Outdoor Table Tennis table for the Hospitality Industry. You want easy set up, but more than anything you want it to be durable and especially water proof, which is whey we think the Sport 300 S Outdoor, Sport 400 M Outdoor and Sport M 500 Outdoor are ideal for this market.

If you don't need the table to be mobile and want something more permanent, consider the Pro 510 Outdoor table instead. The indestructible Tacteo 30 bat is also a must for any Hotel or Pub etc. offering table tennis to their customers.