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Do you need a Table Tennis Table for Home?

Table Tennis in the home has never been more popular and with your own table, you and your friends can enjoy hours of fun from our wide range of Indoor and Outdoor Cornilleau tables.

If you find yourself spending too much of your downtime staring at screens, tapping at tablets or mesmerised by your mobile why not enjoy a more active social life by getting your friends and family together with one of our high quality table tennis tables? It could be the best decision you’ve ever made to improve your home.

Playing table tennis is really fun for everyone, whether your planning to play a game with your friends, neighbours or challenge your children; there’s an endless amount of things to do when you’ve got a bat and ball in your hands, so isn’t it about time you got on board?e Tennis Table

Choosing to buy an indoor table may seem like a big decision, but with over 40 years of development and innovation behind our range of products, you’ll be sure you’re receiving the best value for money table tennis tables anywhere in the world. Since 1969 we’ve put all of our knowledge and research into the production of each of Cornilleau’s expertly crafted table tennis tables and you’ll feel all of the benefits from the pinnacle of ergonomic, safety  features and table design when you choose to buy into our patented "Compact Technology".

For the ultra-competitive, our thicker tables give you the purest bounce to make your rallies faster and more furious, which will give you the edge when you’re playing for more than pride. Or, for the more social minded, our value for money indoor table tennis tables are designed for excellent durability, so you can play again and again without having to worry about wear and tear.

Not enough room inside? Never fear, Outdoor table tennis is here!

Outdoor table tennis has become very popular in Europe and in the US, especially during the summer months and is fast catching on here in Australia. Friends and family get together for a BBQ and have a mini-table-tennis-tournament with lots of fun, laughs and gentle banter. Playing table tennis outdoor means that you need a table that can withstand all weather conditions including rain, sun, frost and snow etc. All Cornilleau outdoor tables have been designed using a new "laminate" concept resulting in the worlds most durable tables. No other manufacturer can match our 10 Year Warranty on the playing surface and we do it with confidence.

With less and less space available for gardens in the modern era, outdoor table tennis tables are the perfect fit fo the sportingly-minded family. Table tennis provides an easy-to-access game without taking up too much space in your garden and will challenge you and your family to be as quick-thinking and agile as you can be. Remember there are many good reasons as to why you should buy a table tennis table such as ball-to-eye cordination for your kids and there are plenty of scientific evidence, which shows that playing table tennis is great for your brain. Getting injured is virtually non-existent, so we can't find any reasons as why you wouldn't shop for a table tennis table.

Cornilleau proud partner of PING UK

Cornilleau has evolved into the world leader for outdoor table tennis tables and we are proud to say that our tables were chosen for their quality, durability and safefy features for the very popular table tennis project Ping in the UK!

Hundreds of tables were distributed across the country in schools, parks, workplaces and more. Hundreds of thousands of people have played on these unsupervised tables and you can be safe in the knowledge that our years of experience and development mean you’ll be benefiting from the industry leader in producing the safest table tennis tables with the outdoor range from Cornilleau.

Each table has been specifically designed to include the latest ergonomic and safety features that guarantee you can enjoy your social ping pong life stress-free.

Things you should know before you buy a Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is about the bounce. The thicker the playing surface, the better the bounce, but it's important to know that the thicker the table, the more expensive it gets. We always recommend people to try and stay within their budget, but the first question you need to answer is whether you need an indoor or outdoor table.

An outdoor table will never play as well as an indoor table, but an indoor table will not last outdoors. If you haven't got enough room for a table inside; an outdoor table is your only answer. In saying that you can take an indoor table out in the sun to play, but never leave it outside for too long and never overnight or in the rain as even the smallest amount of water (even mildue) will damage the table.

So why wait? Fun is just around the corner (or over the net) when you decide to brighten your home with one of Cornilleau’s quality indoor or outdoor table tennis tables. We are only a phone call away and happy to provide you with any expert advice, so please don't hesitate to contact us, if you need any help choosing the right table for you and your family.

Table Tennis Equipment we recommend for Home use

We recommend any of our products for home use, so for more detailed information about our range of tables please visit Indoor Table Tennis  or Outdoor Table Tennis. Don't forget to have a look at our range of Table Tennis Bats as well.