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Cornilleau Hyphen Outdoor Pool Table - Black

Product Code 213140
RRP $10,999.00
Our Price $10,999.00

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Relying on their expertise in designing high quality Outdoor Table Tennis Tables, Cornilleau has mobilized all its know-how to create an innovative Outdoor Pool Table. Resistant to any test and offering optimal playing pleasure, the Hyphen outdoor pool table gives you the freedom to play wherever you want. Its neat design and its convertibility into a dining table make it a real decorative piece of furniture.

Playing Performance

Thanks to its composite slate and stable structure, the playing surface remains perfectly flat. It also has four adjustable feet (5cm range) and five micro-adjustment points under the tabletop for the perfect level. Natural roll, accuracy of play, return of spin: the baize on your Hyphen Outdoor Pool Table is designed to enhance the thrill of the game to the max. Plus with high-end natural rubber bands, the Hyphen outdoor pool table offers exceptional rebound and playing pleasure that will delight seasoned players and beginners alike.

Durable and Weatherproof

Under the baize sits the slate. The 12mm high-density laminate resin tabletop cast from one piece enables optimal control of ball trajectory. the natural rubber cushions offer a quality of play similar to that of an indoor pool table and boast superb anti-aging, weatherproof qualities. Hyphen can withstand sunshine, rain, variations in temperature, moisture, you name it. It is also shock resistant, so miscues and impact of any kind from play will not be a worry.

Bring Style to your Garden with a Dining Top

The Hyphen is more than just a pool table, it is a piece of genuine designer furniture. It can be easily converted into a garden dining table, the dining top available in either stone or wood appearance. In the shade, sun, shelter, poolside or even indoors: you can move your outdoor pool table where ever you please. All it takes is two people to lift it, or four to move it effortlessly.

Accessories Included

Composite Cues
- In 2 half-sections
- Material: Fibreglass
- Length: 149mm
- Diameter of the tip: 13mm

Set of American Pool Balls
- 15 numbered balls + 1 white ball
- Diameter 57.2mm

- Suitable for 57.2mm balls

- Suitable for 57.2mm balls
- Set of 9 (American Balls)

- Brand: Master (Made in USA)


Made in France with 5 Year Warranty

This table is designed, developed and manufactured in France and backed by an excellent warranty. Cornilleau guarantees your outdoor pool table for 5 years. To make sure you continue enjoying your table long after your guarantee period, Cornilleau promise that spare parts will be available to you for 20 years.