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Cornilleau PRO PARK Vs Steel & Concrete Table Tennis Tables

The Pro Park Outdoor Table Tennis Table from Cornilleau took 2 years to develop, but the end result was more than worth the wait.


This completely weatherproof table can withstand 1600+ kg and is shock, fire and graffiti resistant.


The 9mm resin laminated playing surface with its MATTOP finish plays as well as an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved table, which says something about how good this table really is. At the end of the day, table tennis is about the bounce and the Pro Park more than delivers in this area.


The Pro Park table is referred to as a permanent table, but this is where it gets interesting. Steel tables weigh about 700 kg and concrete over 1000 kg. The Pro Park only weighs 228 kg during the initial transport and comes in several pieces where no single part weighs more than 46 kg.


To deliver a concrete or steel table you sometimes need a crane adding significant cost to the overall price. With the Pro Park you just need to be able to lift 46 kg, so which table do you think will be the easiest and cheapest to deliver?


It takes 1 hour for 2 people to install the Pro Park table, but the good thing is that you can still take it apart and relocating the table to another location. Again with a steel or concrete table, you probably need to get a crane to move the table even if you just want to move it a short distance.


When set up the Pro Park table only weighs 162 kg, but the people from Cornilleau are so innovative that they have placed trays under the playing surfaces allowing you to fill the trays with sand. This results in the table weighing close to 400 kg. You can also bolt down the table on concrete or insert sleeves into the ground making the table impossible to move.


Even the price is lower compared to any concrete or steel table tennis table as the Pro Park only cost around $4,000, so for any Council, Hospital or School etc., it really is quite simple…..


For our YouTube video and more information please visit the Pro Park Outdoor Table Tennis Table page